LPW Pools – the one-piece pool range…

There are a variety of models to choose from each with its own unique character and features.

All of the pools are made in one piece using a carefully controlled but automated system based on a specific set of design and technical parameters. During the manufacturing process there are regular checks to ensure that build quality is maintained and continued to the point when the pool leaves the factory. The checking process is recorded in the quality system for complete traceability.

The pool structure is made up of successive layers of a composite vinyl ester material reinforced with glass fibre around a central honeycomb core that’s adds strength and improved insulation .

All of the pools (except the City) can have built into them the unique Covrex Slatted Cover System providing added safety and reduced running costs.

There are eleven  models available across the range, choose one that best matches your needs and requirements:

Available Shell Colours
Snow White

With crystal clear water the pool is bright and inviting.

Pearl Grey

A sober yet discrete colour following contemporary design.

Shadow Grey

Dark and trendy with the look of granite.