City – a swimming pool for city gardens without cover.

The City is the exception the rule when it comes the LPW Pools range. It is the only one without the option of an integrated pool cover. A small cosy swimming pool design, perfect for the smaller city garden.

A rectangular shaped pool with straight steps.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a swimming pool in your back garden, there is always room for a City.

The City with its 6.50m in length and 3.2m wide, could be the right pick for you.

  • Shape: rectangular with straight corner steps
  • Safety ledge to reduce the risk of accidents
  • Integrated high level skimmer
  • Water volume: 22.5m³ (4,949 Gallons)

650cm (L) x 320 cm (W) x 150 cm (D)

Available Shell Colours
Snow White

With crystal clear water the pool is bright and inviting.

Pearl Grey

A sober yet discrete colour following contemporary design.

Shadow Grey

Dark and trendy with the look of granite.

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