LPW Pools - one piece swimming pool technology

How are the monoblock pools made?

Not all one piece (monoblock) pools are the same. The fibreglass swimming pools from LPW Pools are strong and self-supporting because of the unique honeycomb structure at the heart of the pool shell construction.

Design & Construction of the vinyl ester one piece pools

lpw pools shell anatomy

The LPW Pools Shell is composed of seven layers, each of which contribute to its strength and durability.

  1. ISO NPG Gel Coat
  2. Vinyl ester resin + fibreglass
  3. Vinyl ester resin + fibreglass
  4. Honeycomb (15 mm)
  5. Vinyl ester resin + fibreglass
  6. Top Coat in vinyl ester resin
  7. IsoFoam (optional)

The LPW Pools shells are thicker than the more traditional monoblock swimming pools. This makes it both self supporting and strong.

What's included in an LPW Pools monoblock swimming pool?

Your LPW Pools pool can be supplied with an electrical control panel to control the pool pump, lights and the heater. There is also an option to provide variable speed control of the circulation pump to further minimise running costs.

  1. Drive system with integrated high water level skimmer
  2. Integrated pool cover Covrex® Classic or  Solar tailormade to the shape of your pool
  3. The safety ledge prevents the cover from tipping in the event of a fall
  4. Multi-layer wall with a 15mm insulating honeycomb structure + optional IsoFoam layer
  5. Separating wall between the cover and the pool
  6. Cover pit separated by a wall
  7. Cover pit tiles in padouk wood or in any other material
lpw pools composition

The double integrated skimmer

All pools (except the City and optional for the Stark) in the LPW Pools range are fitted with an automatic cover. These are equipped with an electric drive system in stainless 316L and a double high-water level skimmer. The overflow skimmer ingeniously combines the practical and aesthetic functions required for the pool. It purifies the large water surface, removing floating debris.

This system has been shown to be much more efficient than traditional skimmers placed along the inside walls of the pool. The high-water skimmer ensures that the water level reaches just a few centimetres from your terrace, to just below the coping stones.