LPW Pools – one piece swimming pool technology

How are the monoblock pools made?

Not all one piece (monoblock) pools are the same. The fibreglass swimming pools from LPW Pools are strong and self-supporting because of the unique honeycomb structure at the heart of the pool shell construction.

Design and Construction of the vinyl ester one piece pool

The LPW Pools Shell is composed of six layers, each of which contribute to its strength and durability

The LPW Pools shells are thicker than the more traditional monoblock swimming pools. This makes it both self supporting and strong.

What's included in an LPW Pools monoblock swimming pool?

Your LPW Pools pool can be supplied with an electrical control panel to control the pool pump, lights and the heater. There is also an option to provide variable speed control of the circulation pump to further minimise running costs.

  1. Overflow skimmer system
  2. The Covrex® pool cover perfectly matches the shape of the pool
  3. Self supporting reinforced Vinyl ester pool shell
  4. The safety ledge around the pool keeps the cover in place 
    maximising safety.
  5. A wider first step makes an ideal seat
  6. Natural stone coping around the pool
  7. A multi-layered shell construction incorporating a
    honeycomb insulating grid
  8. The wall separating the cover pit from the main pool
  9. Integrated cover that can be fitted subsequently